MIPS-XXL is a planning software developed by Stefan Edelkamp, Shahid Jabbar, and Mohammed Nazih. It is currently maintained by Stefan Edelkamp and Shahid Jabbar. It supports PDDL (Planning Domain Description Language) Level 3. The ‘XXL’ in the name is due to the fact that it supports exploration of state spaces that are much larger than the available RAM. ┬áIt implements External Memory Planning Algorithms that utilize hard-disk in an efficient manner. The largest planning space we have been able to explore with MIPS-XXL took around 440 Gigabytes, while keeping the main memory consumption constant at 1 Gigabytes only.



  • The binaries of MIPS-XXL version used in IPC-5 are available from this link.

  • The sources of MIPS-XXL that was used in IPC-6 are available from IPC-6 website. A recent release can be obtained from here. Due to ‘popular public demand‘, we have added the support for satisficing planning. The ‘plan‘ script now takes an optional argument ‘-S‘ that makes the planner stop after the first solution has been found.The new syntax is ./plan <domain> <problem> <plan_output> -S


Please report bugs and suggestions to: sjabbar alpha gmail DOT com.